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C-level Selling Programmes

Case Studies

Since 2012, we have been involved with colleagues based around the world to design and deliver tailor made training programmes for senior sales professionals of firms like CISCO, and Schneider Electric.

The programmes for Schneider Electric have been provided throughout Europe, the USA, the far East and Australia. Ideally, the programmes are most effective if they are provided over three or four days.

However, each programme for Schneider Electric is run in-company over just two days. The programmes work best if there are eight to ten learners in the group. These programmes for Schneider Electric have taken place regularly in Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, London, Stockholm, Brussels and Chicago.

Each of the courses is preceded by a two-hour introduction to the course and preparatory work by the learners to build a case study that is to be used during the training days.

On the first day, our managing partner, Stuart Morgan, provides eight hours of intensive and illustrative training and coaching.

Stuart uses established pedagogical approaches. He involves the learners in all activities to demonstrate a number of skills. Additionally, using cases brought to the course by the learners themselves, he teaches and coaches the learners.

Stuart covers a wide range of topics such as behavioural skills, body language, financial management, strategic management, and how to build a credible high value proposition. The last activity on day 1 is where the learners write a short email to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of their key account.

On the second day of the programme, Stuart introduces a real-life CFO to the group. The CFO spends the day with the learners acting out a role as CFO of each of the learner’s key account. The second day is role play interrupted with coaching and periods of reflection. Stuart takes on the guise of the CFO’s executive assistant for the first two exercises and in the final activity of the day Stuart role plays as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the learner’s key account.

The beauty of the programmes is that they are highly interactive, and secondly the learners bring to the training one of their own accounts to work on. In addition, the learners observe each other during every one of the role play activities and they provide feedback to their colleagues. This reinforces the learning, and everyone has the chance to practice new skills.

Schneider Electric report very high returns on the investment, and high levels of satisfaction from the learners. The net promoter scores for the programmes over eight years are well in excess of 85%. Recently in two one hour online reflective presentations over eighty previous attendees from all over the globe chose to attend the refresher sessions.