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About us


Our vision is to optimise the value that we create for you by being best in class for the quality of the advice we give.


We are passionate about lifelong learning. We aim to transfer our considerable knowledge and skills to your organisation in order to create value for you.

Our Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy. We believe in demonstrating high levels of integrity, credibility and professionalism in all of our activities. Evidence based decision making is the key to maintaining our core beliefs.
About us


     We were established in Sheffield, United Kingdom in January 1990. In July 2004, we relocated our head office to Swansea, United Kingdom. We are an unincorporated partnership registered in England and Wales. Our partners are husband and wife team, Stuart and Galina Morgan. We retain a team of highly qualified associates located around the world from Australia to Brazil; and from Singapore to the United Kingdom.







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We develop tailor made solutions to address your pains and challenges

Health management Services

Health Service Management

Development and facilitation of health service management and health system development programmes
Health systems Developments

Health Systems Development

We accept contracts for short term advisory assignments on international funded sector reform projects around the world
Operational excellence

Delivering Operational Excellence

We strive constantly to assist our clients to achieve excellence

Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Leaders & Managers

Have you ever wondered why some people who are academically brilliant, appear to lack in social skills?
Critical thinking for decision making

Criticality and Critical thinking for decision making

Critical thinking is a cognitive activity, associated with using your mind. It’s about learning to think in a critically analytical
Managing Business Relationships

Manage and Develop Business

The most successful relationships in business are those that achieve genuine mutual benefit for all parties

Why Choose Us?

We have over thirty years’ experience in the field and we expect our workforce to abide by strong codes of ethics and professional practice. These codes demand integrity, professionalism, credibility in all things, and a commitment to lifelong learning. This means that we accept work only if we are competent to carry out the work and if doing so creates value for your business.

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do, is positively reviewed

We have spent 30 years working for many recognised and successful organizations